Tactical Vest Safety

The average costs of our vest carriers usually ranges between $220 - $525 per vest, depending on embroidery and pocket selections.

If your department is placing a large order, we will usually just agree upon a flat rate for all of the vests being ordered so that we don't have to calculate a cost for each individual vest.

Once you have selected the pockets for your Tactical Vest Cover, you may call us for a total cost. At that point you can mail a check with your order form and pattern or you can supply a credit card number on your order form and we will call you and tell you the total cost before we charge your credit card.

Q. Is there a guarantee on your vests?
A. We guarantee the workmanship on all of our vests for five (5) years and guarantee other areas of our Carriers for three (3) years. See our warranty details here. Keep in mind that because of the patchwork and other fine details our vest must be cared for properly, see question below for more details.

Q. What material will my vest be made of?
A. We only use a 600 Denier polyester material. It has a urethane coating on the interior and it is water resistant � so moisture will not go through the material and reach your Kevlar.

Q. How long has The Vest Man been in business?
A. We have been in business over 30 years and served thousands of satisfied customers nationwide.

Q. Do you make trips out to individual departments and stations for fittings?
A. Yes, if there is a large enough interest in ordering our Tactical Vest Covers then you can call us at (310) 864-1567 to set up an appointment.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to my vest fitting?
A. We ask that you please bring your ballistic panels in their current carrier and a cloth badge, if required. In addition, please bring any unique items you may want a pocket for, such as a flashlight or cell phone. We will measure these items and make sure that the pocket we designed for them fits perfectly.

Q. What type of payment is accepted?
A. Cash and Check are preferred but we gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Debit. And of course we can accept Purchase Orders and County/City Checks from a Department order.

Q. How soon should I expect to receive my vest after my order is placed?
A. Please call us to determine our current turn around time. Normally it is 8-10 weeks, but many times it is much faster. Call about rush service, which expedites your vest's delivery by cutting the delivery time in half. Our competitors take between 4-6 MONTHS for a custom vest to be produced.

Q. How do I clean my vest?

Please click HERE for cleaning instructions .


Q. Have you ever-encountered problems with the elastic belts on the vests?
A. We use the best elastic available, but unfortunately it can still wear out after years of use. We guarantee our product for five years against this becoming a problem.


Q. What type of pockets do individuals generally ask for?
A. It depends on the individual and what he/she needs in the field. Common pockets are Pen/Pencil, Radio, Handcuff, Ammo, Pepper Spray and Mobile Phone.