Please be certain to include an outline of your pads and cloth badge with this form –

See the �Design Your Vest� website link for detailed instructions





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What is the gap between the top of your belt and the bottom of your ballistic panels? (circle one)


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Is there a gap or overlap on your sides where your ballistic panels meet?    (circle one)        No Gap        Gap          Overlap


If there is a gap or overlap, what is the distance?

0    1�    1.5�    2�    2.5�    3�    3.5�    4�    4.5�    5�

Tactical vest cover prices usually range from $175 - $300.  Total cost is determined by embroidery, number of pockets, shipping and tax.  Call us to get a total price or if you have any questions (310-973-5432).  Please be sure to mail your outline of your pads, your cloth badge, this form and your payment to the address below.






3940 Marine Avenue, Suite D  Lawndale, CA  90260   310.973.5432   206.339.8399 (fax)