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Timothy M. Anderson
AGM Public Safety & Police Chief
East Bay Regional Park District
17930 Lake Chabot Road
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Sgt. Bryan Soller
Mesa Police Department
Uniform Committee (480) 862-5452
And also
President, Arizona State Lodge
Fraternal Order of Police
(480) 226-0149

Lt. Scott Fairfield (Bell Gardens PD)
Deputy Director
LA IMPACT Task Force

Back in the late 1980�s our family business was founded by our father, Ruben Gurrola, who has two sons that have served as police professionals for over 60 years combined. Ruben�s manufacturing know-how combined with his sons� experience helped him to create the best possible custom-made External Vest Carrier (EVC) that could be used by any professional serving in law enforcement.

Ruben Gurrola

Ruben has plenty of experience in clothing and manufacturing. In fact, for many years, he worked with a number of NFL teams, designing cold weather items that are now used to keep athletes warmer and at their maximum potential during inclement weather games.

The idea for the custom-made External Vest Carrier came from Ruben having a conversation with a police officer who was complaining about how hot he was when wearing his ballistic pads during the summer months. The officer talked about how wearing his ballistic pads under his shirt was trapping the heat and making the idea of wearing his ballistic pads unattractive. Thus the idea for a External Vest Carrier was born.

There are many companies that sell External Vest Carriers and each set of pads should be the right size for each officer. At the Vest Man we realize that External Vest Carriers can be very different and that is why we make each one of our vest covers custom to fit only one officer and one set of ballistic pads. Many times a police department will have several different suppliers of ballistic pads within their one department. With the Vest Man this is no problem, because we make your External Vest Carrier to fit you and your pads: custom each time, with the pockets you select.

The majority of law enforcement professionals that use the External Vest Carrier are detectives and special unit officers, but the concept of using ballistic pads on the outside of the uniform for patrol officers who have to work the beat for hours in the hot summer months is being embraced by many police departments.

Since the creation of the custom External Vest Carrier many law enforcement agencies have approved the External Vest Carrier for use by its officers and as a result, law enforcement officers nationwide have been more comfortable ever since.