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Tactical Vest Safety

Safety :
Your Tactical Vest Carrier is designed to fit your ballistic panels like a glove, so there will never be any unsafe shifting of your pads. Additionally, your Tactical Vest Carrier is more comfortable, therefore you will wear it more often, which equals greater safety!

Tactical Vest

Efficiency :
You select every pocket and You decide where each pocket will be located. Select pockets for items that You need in the field and place the pockets in the most efficient place for You on your custom designed Tactical Vest Carrier. Select as many or as few pockets as You would like, the only limitation is the amount of space on your vest.

Tactical Vest Carrier

Comfort :
Your custom designed Tactical Vest Carrier is designed to specifically fit your ballistic panels, therefore your Tactical Vest Cover will always be as comfortable as possible. Additionally, we use a breathable material that allows for maximum comfort during hot Summer months. Finally, distributing weight off your belt and sharing weight now on your Tactical Vest Carrier will reduce fatigue on long days in the field.

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Tactical Vest Carrier

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